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COVID-19 Updates

Due to the overwhelming amount of questions and inquiries, you may not receive a direct response from members of TUV staff. This webpage will serve as the main source for all questions and answers as we know them. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We are diligently working towards providing answers as we hear from USA Volleyball and our LS region. 

Must Read: 

                USA Volleyball Return to Play Guidelines

Developmental: About Us

What is TUV doing to maintain a safe environment

  • Players and coaches only allowed in the gym during practice until further notice

  • Players will wash their hands before and after practices

  • No high fives, hand shakes etc. 

  • Equipment will be sprayed down and wiped down before and after use

  • Altering the attendance policy on a case by case basis

Which tournaments have been officially canceled?

Local Tournaments

  • Cross Court Classic Weekend 1

  • Cross Court Classic Weekend 2

  • Power League Finals 

  • PJVC Mini-Club Tournament

  • Houston Shootout Finals

  • Fast Complex #6

  • TAV Houston Classic #5

  • Houston Shootout Finals

  • TOV Challenge #7

  • Fast Complex #8

National Qualifiers


Pending Rescheduling

  • Lone Star Junior Regionals

What else do we know about tournaments?

  • We are working with others to see what can be done about the cancelled qualifiers and are exploring other tournaments held later in the season.

When will we start practices?
  • We are following guidelines from USA Volleyball and therefore will cancel all practices through May 8th.

  • We will continue to keep you updated on when practices will resume as more information becomes available to us.

  • Recognizing that this is a personal decision, when we move forward with practices, we recommend those players who are in a high-risk group or who do not feel well to make the decision to stay at home.

  • If you are uncomfortable with your daughter attending practices, we understand and respect the decision each family will make in the best interest of their family.

  • We do ask that you maintain clear communication with your coach if you will not be attending.

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